querifai Technology

Built on a secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure for high performance and maximum reliability.

Deployed in the cloud. Our platform runs on a cloud-based deployment for utmost flexibility and guaranteed uptimes. We make use of modern technologies across the entire data pipeline and can support you with your pipeline if needed.

Made and hosted in Europe. We take data security very seriously. That's why we host our entire stack in the cloud on trusted data centers within the European Union. These data centers are subject to strict data protection regulations and meet the highest standards of security. So, rest assured, all of your data is securely stored with appropriate encryption and redundancy to prevent third-party access or data loss.

Need more privacy?

No problem. We can adjust our infrastructure to consume your data directly from your cloud drive or other endpoints that you make available to us. So you always keep full control over your data and every access to it.

Need more performance?

No problem! We can deploy a dedicated worker pool that is only available for your tasks. We can scale this to arbitrary size, since our stack sits entirely on a modern, fully scalable cloud infrastructure.

Done experimenting - now what?

You have identified the right provider for your use case? Great! You can use our infrastructure to integrate it in production. We already took care of all the hick-ups, like rate-limits, connection time-outs and all the other time-consuming technicalities.