• Analyze unstructured data, i.e. information that is not stored in tables or databases
  • Classify texts to determine to which category an E-mail or an article belongs
  • Uncover topics via related keywords that are present across different documents
  • Find documents with semantic search
  • Translate to different languages or summarize texts
  • Extract information like personally identifiable information, entities, or dates
  • Answer questions, engage through bots in conversations

What to use it for

  • Apply wide variety of labels to articles and text to find content faster, enable personalization to customers' behavior and support monetization via contextual advertising
  • Classify products based on their description according to your specific taxonomy to place products into the appropriate category in your webshop
  • Identify offensive or unfavorable material in user-generated text to avoid publishing it, or to identify its association with your brand on third party platforms, or to respond to negative reviews timely
  • Quantify reasons for customer complaints in reviews and mails, discover new types of complaints, and measure sentiment development over time
  • Summarize longer documents into shorter text to quickly review if topics of importance are discussed or not and fine-tune the focus of such summarization tools to speed up your research
  • ...